What KennethRules Do?

Put simply: I make websites. I do both website design and development, and I do work for small agencies and other freelancers, as well as work directly with small business owners and individuals.

Despite what you many people think, a lot of designers cannot code and also a lot of developers cannot design.

I Make Intelligent & Usable Designs

My designs are focused around great usability and strong conversion rates. I love to make things too good— but that’s not all there is to it. I make sure that my designs are match to your brands and overall, feel you of what you want to have for your customer base through color, layout, content, and more. There’s a lot of psychology behind design that can influence how customers or clients perceive your business, and I’m here to help you utilize that psychology.

The user experience on the web is about more than pretty colors — everything from what content is displayed on your website, to the order and layout which displayed in, and to the overall look of the design influence the your website’s visitors to make some choices. These choices may be purchasing from your online store, making a phone call, or visiting to your website more than once. Portray the feeling you want for your business with great design, and with a visually appealing presence.

Services Skills

Web Design 100%
PHP/MYSQL Skills 65%
CSS3 skills 100%
HTML5 100%
SEO 85%

Ok, so why me?

There’s a lot of website design options out there – so why me? Well I’m a bit different to most web designers out there in that I also develop the websites I design. A lot of companies will have one person or team designing how the website will look and another separate person or team coding and implementing that design. By doing both I can ensure that the website stays true to what we planned from your initial briefing. It also means that any future changes, be they design or functionality, can be handled by myself, giving you one point of contact.