Installer failed to initialize. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.
02 Oct

"Installer Failed to initialize" is a generic error and we need to figure out what is causing the trouble. Most of the time, its an issue with the download that it was not successful or downloaded properly. So, in such cases, download the software again and make sure to compare the file size of the downloaded file with the file on the server. Lets check that in this case as well and make sure the download is complete.

To solve this issue, just follow this simple step.

64 bit OS: Program Files x86\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE

32 bit OS: Program Files \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE rename OOBE Folder to OOBE.bak

done and solved..

Skype is down worldwide
21 Sep

I'm working to my project/task and I found my skype is not working. I thought the issue is to my computer/network only, so I search around and I saw the post from skype update...

Item Requirements

  • 200 Red Bijou
  • 200 Red Blood
  • 200 Explosion Card
  • 200 Horong Card
  • 200 Imp Card
  • 200 Kasa Card
  • 150 Magmaring Card
  • 150 Salamander Card
  • 150 Heater Card
  • 100 Lava Golem Card
  • 50 Gajomart Card
  • 50 Kaho Card
  • 25 Dyestuffs

For Colors

25 Lemon Dyestuffs

25 Black Dyestuffs

25 Cobalt Blue Dyestuffs

25 Scarlet Dyestuffs

25 White Dyestuffs

25 Darkgreen Dyestuffs


ForsakenRO - Halloween New Quest Items
30 Oct

Introducing new questable Halloween headgears!

The Great Rufaku has returned to his home after his journey to the land of the dead last year. In exchange for helping the townsfolk (there's 18 total, each with a unique quest!), Rufaku will make you your own disguise in exchange for Halloween Tickets.