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Samsung UK has no plans to roll out Lollipop to Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2

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They don't REALLY get the updates though. In general, old versions get the cosmetic appearance and a new version number, but are missing key components that actually make the new OS

desirable in the first place. In exchange, they also get worse performance, app crashes, poor battery life and a host of other problems (often forcing an upgrade, which is likely the point)

Apple's "support" for devices considered legacy should honestly be seen as a bad thing IMO. They give new software to phones that are incapable of running it and providing a good experience (or poor software for planned obsolescence), which allows app developers to dump support for older iOS versions very quickly which forces even knowledgeable people to upgrade to software that they know will make their phones worse. I'd much rather that Apple dumped old phones after 2 versions instead of ruining your 2 year and 1 day old phone.

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